PhD students

José Luís Pereira
- Working on automated selection of Estimation of Distribution Algorithms.

Past Postdoc students

Paulo Condado
- Designing and implementing accessibility methods to promote a better interaction with mobile devices, and using those techniques to allow people with disabilities not only to have a better interaction and communication with other people, but also to interact and control their surrounding environment.

Past PhD students

Stéphane Norte, finished Jul/2011.
- Worked on the design of computer interfaces to allow people with motor disabilities to have easier access to programming environments and games.

Cláudio Lima, finished May/2009.
- Designed and analysed substructural local search operators that can be used effectively within Estimation of Distribution Algorithms.
- Claudio published his research work in top conferences and journals in Evolutionary Computation and received a best paper award at ACM GECCO-2008.

Paulo Condado, finished Apr/2009.
- Worked on computer-mediated communication for people with speech disabilities. Proposed and designed EasyVoice, a system that integrates text-to-speech with VoIP in real-time, allowing a person with speech disabilities to make phone calls worldwide using a synthesized voice.
- As far as I'm aware, Paulo is the first person in Portugal with Cerebral Palsy to complete a Ph.D. degree. His work received attention from all the major TV channels in Portugal and was also praised by Jim Fruchterman on his Benetech Blog.