Project for Web-based Application Development (DAW), 2009

In this project you will create web application supported by a relational database. You can choose whatever application topic you like.

The final result should be something close to a professional application. For example, if you choose to do an application for hotel management, then the website should be ready to be used by the workers and clients of an hotel.


Deadlines and handin information

Deadline: 29/May.

You should handin 3 things (everything in a single ZIP file):

  1. The code of the whole application (properly indented and commented.) You should have 2 files with the names:
  2. A non-technical report. Max 10 pages. The filename should be non-techreport.pdf
  3. A technical report. Max 15 pages. The filename should be techreport.pdf

At the end of the course (during the exam date), you mst make a 15 minute oral presentation of your work.


The final grade for the course is based on 4 things: (1) code of the application (50%), (2) non-technical report (10%), (3) technical report (20%), (4) 15 min oral presentation of the work (20%). You must have at least 8,0 out of 20,0 on all of these 4 things.

The project can be done individually or in a group of a maximum of two students.

You will be graded based on the following criteria: